Black Pro Mist Filters

April 29, 2024 - Rob Erickson and Andrew Tilly


Cinematographer friends, this one’s for you - We’re constantly looking for ways to add a small element of visual novelty or creative distinctiveness to our videos. Sometimes these little additions cost a lot of money and for corporate clients there usually aren’t too many unnecessary bells and whistles. We bring what we need and that's that. But we have found one portable and cost-effective way to add a little extra something. 

Black Pro Mist Filters. These have become our not-so-secret tool for infusing a touch of cinematic allure to our shots.

What makes these so worth it, is that it’s something that clients can actually see the impact of instantly. These filters' sole purpose is to soften highlights and cast a dreamy atmosphere over the scene. They essentially create that “atmospheric haze” (or Atmospheric Aerosol) you see in so many cinematic scenes to enhance lighting. 

You can’t always bring and/or set off a hazer in a corporate office however so that’s where Black Pro Mist Filters can step in. You screw one of these on your lens and you have instant results and a measurably different look.

It’s also important to note,  it's not just about visual enhancement; it's about storytelling. Not every set will warrant Pro Mist Filters; they set a specific mood that isn't for a flat shot or a serious interview.  We like to bring them out in interviews with artists to create an elevated sense of ambition or to stylize b-roll that doesn’t need to be so crispy.

Getting the “look” to match the subject matter, tone, and talent is an art form and one that we’re constantly looking to improve. No one tool will help you do that, but by experimenting with these filters we feel like we’ve found the appropriate place to put them to use to help us better tell a story and give our audiences a better visual experience.

These filters (or other tools) might help elevate narratives, adding depth, emotion, and a touch of cinematic wonder. They don't hide imperfections; they enhance the unique character and story you are presenting to your audience. And with all of that being said, maybe consider adding this simple tool to your everyday production bag because it sure has upgraded ours.