Define Your Objective

February 15, 2024 - Chad Fortenberry

s_Define Your Objective

Being intentional this year, to me, is to continue sharing what I have learned over the past 15+ years in the media world and share it with you. This year our team has picked words to focus on for the year and I chose “intentional.” What is more intentional than “Defining Your Objective?”

What all of this boils down to is, I just want to help others create great stuff!

In video marketing, every frame is an opportunity, and every second a chance to capture and captivate your audience. Before the cameras start rolling and your creative juices get juicing, there's a pivotal step that sets the tone for your success: Defining Your Objective.But why does this matter? Cost and Time! Before jumping into the world of video production, take a moment to ask yourself: What do you want to achieve? Are you on a mission to amplify brand awareness, drive conversions with customers, or perhaps tell an emotional story that leaves an enduring mark?

In my career, I have entered into projects that have not had a clear objective and this made the final product muddy and not very beneficial to the brand or the consumer. It costs the brand more in the long run because a muddy objective is hard to look past. It is even harder for the person who you are trying to convert into an active participant in your business.

A highlight of my job is to help other people define their objectives. I find it very satisfying to weave in and out of the maze of possibilities. Use whatever method works for you, whether it is index cards with ideas and structure of video or a simple whiteboard session.

While you are defining that objective and narrowing down the creative, it’s about more than the footage you are wanting to capture, it’s about strategy. Clear objectives in video are like a roadmap, guiding shot choice, & each cut in the edit room, toward a purpose. Whether it's brand elevation, the conversation starters, or the emotional resonance of a compelling narrative, your objective is the compass that ensures every frame contributes meaningfully to your goals.

Here is the takeaway I want to leave you with: Define your objective not just as a goal but as a narrative. What story do you want your audience to connect with? By infusing intent into every shot, you transform your videos from just splashy visuals to strategic assets that speak to your audience, drive action, and elevate your brand.

Because in the world of video marketing, clarity of objective is key in turning ideas into impact.