Mastering Exposure

March 27, 2024 - Andrew Tilly


Decoding False Color on Atomos Monitors

In filmmaking and video production, nailing exposure is an art. And my favorite tool to get exposure right every time is False Color on Atomos monitors. This feature is our secret weapon for achieving optimal exposure levels, ensuring every shot captures the story we are telling.

Atomos monitors, equipped with False Color, let us make instant exposure decisions on set, elevating our cinematography by ensuring that our highlights aren’t blown out, and our shadows aren’t lost. False Color transforms complex exposure readings into a visual language that's intuitive and powerful. The beauty of False Color lies in its ability to turn exposure levels into an easy-to-read, color-coded picture (like a thermal photo but using light instead of heat). With fine-tuning, False Color helps make a balanced composition, where each element contributes to the story.

Here at Massive Mission, we use False Color on almost every shoot, from capturing vibrant outdoor scenes to delicate indoor setups, it offers a level of control that enhances our storytelling potential.