Spotlight: Ryan

July 1, 2024 - Libby Adkins


We are excited to start a new monthly series where we introduce the members of our incredible team. Each month we sit down with a team member and get to know them better through a series of a few questions. Our first installment features our very own Ryan. Ryan is a senior producer and our new Interim Director of Operations. We dove in to discuss his new role, mentorship, and how his experience is helping him in his new position.


MM: Congrats on your new position, what are you most excited to get started on?

RP: I'm most excited about working with our production team to find areas where we can streamline workflow and find efficiency. I really enjoy understanding where my colleagues are coming from with the intention of hopefully making everyone's day at work a little bit better.  

MM: How do you think your years of experience will help you in your new role?

RP: Over the past fifteen years I've been fortunate to work my way up through various production roles. Being in each role (from Production Assistant all the way to Senior Producer) has given me the ability to understand the importance and value of each person on set, which gives me a more holistic view of how a successful project should be produced. My professional path has been circuitous, which I see as an advantage - and it's also kept me humble and willing to learn.

MM: As one of our most experienced producers on staff, how have you navigated mentorship relationships with younger employees in the office?

RP: Kindness matters - and it's something I try to keep in mind when sharing information or knowledge with younger employees. It can be intimidating when you're entering into a new job to gain experience, so I always try to think about senior mentors who helped me along the way when I was younger. We're all humans, and we should treat each other with honesty and respect - regardless of seniority or job title. Beyond all of that, I aim to be curious, because I learn as much from younger employees as they learn from me. 

MM: Now that you are stepping into a management role, what are you most excited about in managing people?

RP: I love relating to people and learning about the things they enjoy or even don't enjoy about a particular role. The purpose of human relationships is to learn about yourself, so I see management as another way to continue to learn about my own strengths and weaknesses while giving back to others. I also love to watch people achieve a particular goal, and giving them the opportunity to shine is incredibly rewarding. Lastly, I hope to be a genuine supportive ear to our team. 

MM: Outside of work what do you enjoy doing during your free time?

RP: I enjoy spending time with my wife and two young daughters, writing and recording music, staying physically active, civic engagement, spending time at the lake, and catching up on my favorite films and TV shows.