Steady Improvements with Gimbals

February 29, 2024 - Andrew Tilly


Our Director of Production, Andrew, with our Video Specialist, Haley, on set filming an agency video for Greystar.

Last year, our team at Massive Mission dove deep into the world of the game-changing capabilities of gimbals. I'm excited to offer a sneak peek into our journey, shedding light on how we're not just riding the wave but reshaping the very essence of our industry through top-notch technology and innovative creativity.

More than the Numbers
In my role as the Director of Production, I should be measuring our success but sometimes success isn't just about the awards we receive (like our 3 Davey Awards and 7 Telly Awards; sorry shameless plug) and our adaptability to technological advancements. Sometimes success is more than just numbers—it's about the art of storytelling and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Elevating our Content
Gimbals have become our secret sauce, providing rock-solid stability and transforming every shot into a masterpiece. From the bustling energy of an office environment to the remote locations of on-site shoots, we've harnessed the magic of gimbals to create compelling narratives that grab attention and elevate brand stories.
Our commitment to corporate responsibility seeps into every tech decision we make. Introducing gimbals into our video production isn't just about being innovative; it's a conscious effort to elevate the caliber of our content. And the journey doesn't stop here—this year, we're elevating our camera stabilization game with Steadicam technology, and we can't wait to share our insights later this year.